Alert Scholarship

High school seniors residing in the participating states (Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming) are invited to participate in this scholarship program to help others become more aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The Golden West Publications is giving out a $500 college scholarship to the winner who submits the best essay on drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Award Information:

Amount: $500
Number of Scholarship Awards: 1 for each participating state/region
Deadline: There is no deadline for this scholarship; one essay is selected for the publication of each edition of the magazine (approximately two times a year).
GPA: 2.5 or better
Major: Applicants are not required to pursue any specific field of study

Eligibility Criteria:

To participate in this drug & alcohol abuse prevention essay contest, you must meet the following:

– You must currently be a senior in high school
– You must be attending a high school in any one of the following states:
o Alaska
o Colorado
o Idaho
o Montana
o Nebraska
o North Dakota
o Oregon
o South Dakota
o Washington
o Wyoming

– You must meet the minimum GPA requirement
– You must plan to attend college after graduating high school (the college you will attend can be located in any state)

Application Process:

You don’t have to complete and application form to participate in this contest; to join, all you have to do is to meet the eligibility requirements and submit the following materials:

a. Essay
b. Official transcript(s)
c. Recent photo
d. Contact information (phone number, home address, and email address)
e. School name

Submit the requirements to:

Alert Magazine
Attn: Scholarship
P.O. Box 4833
Boise, Idaho 83711

Note: All essays submitted will become the sole property of golden West Publication, LLC and will be subjected to editing for length and/or content.


• Write an essay about a personal encounter you or someone you know has with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Your essay should explain how the situation was dealt with, what you learned from the situation, what others can learn from the experience, and what was the right/wrong (in your opinion) about the way the incident or problem was handled.
• The essay must be typed, double-spaced, and be limited to 650 to 800 words in length.
• Your official transcript should be attached to the essay.
• Your recent photo should be in good quality, please don’t send blurry printouts. If you are chosen as a winner, your picture will be reprinted in Alert Magazine with your submitted essay. The winning essays will also be published on the Golden West Publications official website.
• No application needed.

Selection Criteria:

Submitted essays are judged in the same way that essays written for a high school English class would be; the selection committee would base on the thesis statement, supporting content, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Contact Information:

Golden West Publications
P.O. Box 4833
Boise, Idaho 83711
Phone: (800) 398-0842 or (208) 375-7911
Fax: (208) 376-0770
Email: [email protected]

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