American Red Cross Bloodstock Scholarship Challenge


The BloodStock Scholarship Challenge is administered by the American Red Cross. By participating in this program, not only will you get the opportunity to receive award money for your education, but you will also help save lives in the process. If you decide to participate, an American Red Cross Representative will work with you and help you develop your event.

Award Information:

Amount: Up to $2,000
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies

• Summer BloodStock Scholarship Challenges – May 1st to August 31st
• Winter BloodStock Scholarship Challenge – December 15th to January 15th

GPA: This scholarship challenge does not have a minimum GPA requirement
Major: The American Red Cross does not require participants to pursue a specific field of study
Eligible Students: Applicants must be at least 16 years old to participate

Additional Requirements:

– Applicants for the Summer and Winter $1,000 BloodStock scholarships must collect a minimum of 35 units of blood from volunteer blood donors.
– Applicants for the Summer $2,000 BloodStock scholarship must collect a minimum of 50 units of blood from volunteer blood donors to ensure the drawing for the scholarship.

Application Process:

1. Attend face-to-face planning meeting(s) and stay in constant contact with your American Red Cross Representative.

2. Find a blood drive location with the help of your American Red Cross Representative.

3. Recruit and schedule at least 45-65 blood donors from your friends, family, and potential past donor list supplied by the American Red Cross.

4. Help find and recruit volunteers to assist you during the blood drive. You can ask them to be greeters, assign them at the canteen or other needed tasks.

5. Be at the blood drive for the entire duration of the event in order to better ensure the success of your BloodStock Drive.

Tips for a successful BloodStock Drive:

1. Work with your school leadership
To increase the chances of a successful blood drive, you’ll need to have the backing of your school administration. Working with them will help you secure the best time and place for your drive. You can also reach out to your school’s existing organizations like the Student Council or the Red Cross Club; they can help you recruit volunteer donors.

2. Plan your dates properly to avoid conflicting schedules
You’ll need to plan ahead so you can select a date that does not conflict with any major events, such as holidays, school-wide examinations, or other school or community special events.

3. Set your goal
Take a good look at your school or organization size and interest levels. This will help you determine home many students may be eligible to donate blood. Be sure to work with your American Red Cross Representative in determining the goal of the blood drive.

4. Choose the right space
The best locations to hold these events are gymnasiums, auditoriums, or other indoor common areas. Your place should be large enough to accommodate your expected participants. It should also be clean, cool, and easily-accessible to you and your volunteers. Make sure to choose a place that has restrooms, and if necessary, a parking area.

5. Put together a recruitment team
Recruiting volunteers to donate blood will be much easier when several people are doing the task. Your recruitment team will ensure that the word of your drive will spread out through your school and community.

Contact Information:

American Red Cross
Phone: (800) 733-2786

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