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Archibald Rutledge Scholarship Competition

This competitive scholarship program was named after Archibald Rutledge, South Carolina’s 1st poet laureate. It offers 12th grade students the chance to compete for a $2,000 scholarship in the areas of creative writing, dancing, music, theater, or visual arts; as well as encourage and recognizes academic and artistic excellence among South Carolina high school students.

Award Information:

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Amount: Approximately $2,000 each
Number of Scholarship Awards: 5
Start of Application Period: December 2014
Deadline: February 6, 2020
GPA: There is no minimum GPA requirement for this competition
Major: Check the official website for more information
Eligible Students: High School Students

Additional Requirement:

To participate in this competition, students must:

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– Currently be enrolled in 12th grade in a public school in South Carolina
– Plan to attend an accredited South Carolina college or university
– Be a United States citizen and have attended a public school in South Carolina for the last 2 years
– Apply for only one scholarship

General composition criteria include:

1. Creative Writing
2. Dance
3. Music
4. Theater
5. Visual Arts

Note: Entries produced in collaboration with others may not be submitted for the competition. Students are allowed to compete in one arts area only

Application Process:

1. Get a copy of the scholarship application form from your school’s guidance department or download a copy from

2. Type or print the application and provide the required information.

3. Provide the following to complete your application:
a. An original artwork – The artwork must be a completed, rendered visual composition, and originated by you, the applicant.
b. Original process folio – Includes documentation of the planning and development of your artwork from the inception of the idea to the final product.
c. Original copy of your reflection statement – Provide a one-page reflection statement that addresses the intent of your artwork and the comparison between the final product and your original concept.
d. A copy of the completed application checklist.
e. A postage and self-addressed package for the return of your artwork.

4. Submit your application and all required application materials to:

R. Scot Hockman
Archibald Rutledge Scholarship
South Carolina Department of Education
1529 Senate Street, Suite 607-B Rutledge Building,
Columbia, SC 29201

Selection Criteria:

A panel of professionals in each of the 5 arts areas will choose the recipient in each discipline. Compositions/artworks and process folios each count as 50% towards the total score. All submitted artwork will be judged according to the following:

• Originality/Creativity – Use of original content, cohesive style, and innovative techniques, materials and processes.
• Quality of Expression – Work expresses professional and emotional qualities that convey clearly the artist’s intent.
• Reflection Statement/ Process Folio – Addresses different items such as the process of the artist’s work, how the work relates to the artist’s, and the message or inspiration for the artwork.
• Composition – Use of an aesthetic arrangement of the subject matter as well as elements and principles of design.
• Process Folio – Not merely a revision of the artwork, this should also demonstrate the artist’s artistic process and the research, inspirations, drafts, interviews, pictures, sketches, and/or events upon which are used as bases for the artwork.

Contact Information:

South Carolina Department of Education
1429 Senate Street, Suite 607-B
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 734-0323
Fax: (803) 734-8388
Email: [email protected]

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