Big Dig Scholarship

The Big Dig Scholarship is sponsored by The sponsor’s mission is to “initiate” people, through their website, into the world of Antiques. This scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors, freshman and sophomore students enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university.

Award Information:

Amount: $3,000
Number of Scholarship Awards: 1
Deadline: Varies
Notification of Winner: The applicant with the best submitted essay will usually be notified around late January.
GPA: GPA is not considered in the selection of the winner
Major: Students in all fields of study may apply
Eligible Students: United States citizens or permanent residents who are currently in 12th Grade and are planning on entering their 1st year of college or be currently in their 1st or 2nd year at an accredited college or university.

Application Process:

1. Write a 500 to 1000 word essay that answers the following issue: “In 200 years, one of your relatives is going to be digging in what is now your backyard. They are going to find something that you buried this year and it is going to put any financial worries they have to rest. You must decide what to bury. The goal is to find something that you think will have immense value 200 years from now. This item must be currently sold in a store today and be under $500.”

2. Email your essay with your complete name, high school or college/university, your school’s mailing address to: [email protected]

Essay Guidelines:

• In writing your essay, be sure to answer all the following questions:
a. What item are you going to buy?
b. Where could you buy the item today?
c. How much does your chosen item cost?
d. What made you choose this item?
e. What makes you think/believe that this item will have immense value 200 years from now?
• Essays must be written using Microsoft Word. The recommended type font is Times New Roman, and must be no less than 12 point-size. You may also use other typefaces like Calibri 11. Just make sure that your essay is easy to read and looks professional.
• When using any references, be sure to use an annotated bibliography at the end. Note: The bibliography is not included in the total word count.

Helpful Tips:

1. If you have any doubts about your essay, have a teacher or faculty member review it. You can also ask one of your parents or guardians to help you check for errors.

2. If you are uncertain what an annotated bibliography is or how it is written, try asking a teacher, faculty member, or looking it up online or in a book.

Selection Criteria:

All submitted entries will be graded by a panel of judges formed by Antique Trader based on the following:

• Depth of Content – 50%
• Originality – 35%
• Grammar, punctuation, and spelling – 15%

Release of Award: The award money will be mailed directly to the winner’s high school or college/university.

Contact Information:
4216 Pacific Coast Highway #302
Torrance, CA 90505
Phone: (310) 294-9981
Email: [email protected]

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