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Bradford Sullivan Forest Landowner’s Association Scholarship

The Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners’ Association is proud to offer this scholarship award for all High School Seniors and College Undergraduate Students who are from Bradford or Sullivan Counties. This annual scholarship is given to an eligible student who is able to submit the required materials on time.

Award Information:

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Amount: $1,000
Number of Scholarship Awards: 1
Deadline: May 1st of each year
Notification of Winners: June 1st of each year
GPA: Check official website for more information
Major: Forestry, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Education, Agronomy, Parks, or any closely related field.

Eligibility Criteria:

– Applicants must be a resident of Bradford or Sullivan County
– Applicants must be majoring in or planning to major in Forestry, Environmental Resource Management, Agriculture, Parks, Agronomy, Environmental Education, or other related fields of study
– Applicants may be high school seniors or college undergraduates enrolled in a 2- or 4-year academic program

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Application process:

1. Visit the Northern Tier Hardwood Association official website and click on the “Scholarship” Tab.

2. Look for the Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowner’s Association Scholarship and click on the link to download the application form.

3. Complete the application form by providing your personal information, education and financial status. Please provide as much details as possible.

4. Compose a 500 to 600-word essay as to why you are interested in pursuing your chosen course of study as your major. Your essay must be written on a separate sheet and attached to the application form.

5. Include your current transcript

6. Submit all application materials to:

Attn: Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners’ Association Scholarship
Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners’ Association
P.O. Box 473
Wysox, PA 18854

Scholarship Awardee Must Provide:

1. Verification of enrollment in an accredited college/university (High School Senior)

2. Proof of intent to continue education in an eligible major (All)

3. Second semester, or later, transcript (All)

Award Disbursement:

The scholarship award will be awarded to a high school senior after successfully completing the 2nd semester. If the awardee is in college, then the award money will be released after completing the current semester.

Career in Forestry:

Foresters have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Some of their primary duties include drawing up plans to regenerate forest lands, monitor the progress of those lands, and supervising tree harvests. They also direct and participate in fire suppression as well as select and prepare sites for new trees using controlled burning, bulldozers, or herbicides to clear the land.

Becoming a forester involves acquiring a bachelor’s degree in forestry or other closely related fields, such as agricultural science, environmental management, environmental science, or environmental engineering. There is also more than one kind of forester: examples of the different types are, procurement foresters, restoration planners, urban foresters, and conservation education foresters.

According to the data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for foresters and conservation scientist is $59,060 per year or $28.40 per hour. The BLS projects that there would only be a 3% growth in the occupation for foresters from 2012 to 2022, which is slower than most occupations.

Contact Information:

Marsha Chase,
Executive Director
Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners’ Association
Phone: (570) 363-2388
Email: [email protected]

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