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Dacotah Bank Scholarship

This scholarship award is provided by the Dakotah Bank in a continuing effort to help outstanding students pursue their goals of a higher education. For several years now, the Dakotah Bank has offered a continuing scholarship opportunity for graduating high school seniors and their families in all Dakotah Bank communities.

Award Information:

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Amount: $500
Number of Scholarship Awards: 2
Deadline: March 5
GPA: Check the official website for more information
Major: Business and its related fields of study
Eligible Students: High school seniors and college undergraduates

Additional Requirements:

– Must be a graduating high school senior from South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota
– Must be planning to attend an accredited 4-year college, university, technical institute, or community college
– Must have an account relationship with Dakotah Bank, Dakotah Insurance, Dakotah Trust or the Investment Centers of America at Dakotah Bank

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Application Process:

1. Download the scholarship application form from the Dakotah Bank official website.

2. Fill out the Scholarship Application and Authorization and Release forms. If you are under 18 years old, you will need a parent/guardian to co-sign the Release form. Make 3 copies of each form.

3. Provide 3 official copies of your most recent academic transcripts and 3 copies of your ACT and/or SAT score results.

4. Include 3 copies of a typewritten or word processed summary outlining your school activities, extracurricular activities; volunteer civic, religious, employment or special interest activities. Please briefly describe your involvement in each of your listed activities including the number of hours per week/month/year you devoted to them. Make sure to list each activity separately. If applicable, list down your work history, length of employment at each position, and the number of hours you worked.

5. Compose a (200-word or less) description of yourself mentioning your goals or values. You may include any attribute(s) that may apply to you in areas of integrity, honesty, dependability, respect and commitment. (Make 3 copies)

6. Attach at least two (2) typed personal recommendations commenting on your character, dependability, and other distinguishing characteristics; and make 3 copies of each recommendation. Your recommendations must not come from your immediate family.

7. Provide a recent, decent photograph of yourself to be used in advertising for the scholarship.

8. Submit all required application materials to:

Dacotah Bank 2014 Scholarship
Dawn Serfoss
Box 1210
Aberdeen, SD 57402-1210

Note: All application requirements must be met and submitted on time to be considered for evaluation.

Selection Criteria:

An independent panel will review all submitted applications, and will choose the award recipients prior to the start of the next term. All complete applications will be evaluated based on the following:

• Academic Performance – 25 points
• Activities – 5 points for each documented activity
• Character – 25 points

If an award recipient decides not to attend school in the next term, the scholarship may be withdrawn and awarded to the applicant who received the next best points from the panel.

Contact Information:

Dakotah Bank
P.O. Box 1210
Aberdeen, SD 57402-1210
Phone: (800) 881-5611 or (605) 622-3100
Fax: (888) 322-6824

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