Environmental Scholarships

The environment is the source of some of the biggest issues of our time. As more and more people are becoming aware of the need to care for our planet, there is great concern over building a more sustainable society for a better future. Environmental or green issues focus on the harmful effect that human activities can have on the environment. Major environmental issues include climate change and its causes, pollution and its sources, environmental degradation, habitat loss and the rise in endangered species. It is now clear to many that humanity is living at an unsustainable level and a collective effort is needed to prevent and reduce the effect of environmental issues.

A better more sustainable future is not just a concern for those in charge now, but is also a cause that needs to be taken up by the youth now. To encourage and nurture the interest of the youth in working for a greener, more sustainable future, more and more green scholarships are being offered. A green scholarship is a grant or award given to youths who have shown an interest in working for or care for the environment.

college-girl-jumpingPopular Environmental Scholarships

Air & Waste Management Association – Allegheny Mountain Section (Must be a resident of Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia)
Alabama Space Grant Consortium for Teachers (Preference given to underrepresented minorities, females, and disabled students)
American Council of Independent Laboratories (Applicants must be entering junior or senior year in a bachelor-degree program)
American Society of Engineers Scholarship (Must be ASNE embers and studying environmental engineering)
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship (GPA requirements – upper 4th percentile of your class)
Beulah Fey Environmental Scholarship (For residents of select counties within PA)
Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners Association (Resident of Bradford or Sullivan County, PA)
Educational Partnership Program (Mandatory summer internship project)
Elmhurst Garden Club (Organization based in Illinois)
Emily M. Hewitt Memorial (For full-time students at an accredited CA post-secondary institution)
Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut (For Connecticut residents)
Folsom Garden Club (Be a resident of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, or Yolo County, CA)
Francis X. Crowley Scholarship (Must be members of New England Water Works Association)
Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship (Preference given to those who seek  publication of their work in an academic journal)
Legacy Environmental Scholarship (For Alabama residents)
National Dairy Shrine (Pursuing degree related to the dairy industry)
National Science Foundation S-STEM (Need based award for those studying environmental science)
Nell Goff Memorial Scholarship (Must be a resident of Maine)
Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association ( Minimum SAT of 2000, and in top 10% of class)
Smithsonian Minority Internship (Preference given to underrepresented minority groups)
Student Conservation Association Internship (Commitment to an internship job lasting 12 weeks to 12 months)
Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Emory (To be used at Emory University, Georgia)
Theodore Gordon Flyfishers Founders Fund (For full-time students at a member institution of the Environmental Consortium)
Truman D. Pickard Scholarship (Must be a certified member of a Native American tribe)
Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (For residents of Virginia)
Water Works Operators Association of Pennsylvania (For residents of Pennsylvania)
York County Conservation District Award (For residents of Pennsylvania)

Green Scholarships

Many schools offer green scholarships – particularly if they have a strong green bent or an active environmental studies department. There are also numerous green non-profits that operate in the regional, national and global levels that are always willing to fund the next generation of green crusaders. Even the federal and national governments are getting in the act, seeing getting involved in green as necessary for the good of their constituents. Recently, private companies are also starting to offer green scholarship as part of their corporate sustainability efforts.

Green scholarships usually require that the recipient show an interest in environmental issues and a desire to do something about them. In order for the scholarship giving body to assess the applicant’s dedication to green, they many ask the applicant to come up with a green project that they can implement or write an essay on the environment or even have a declared major or field of study that would have a green slant. Green scholarships are different from traditional scholarships in the sense that they don’t just award money for an applicant’s studies but they might also provide support for the implementation of an environmental project – such as a recycling drive, green fund raiser, or even the implementation of green technologies like energy efficient light bulbs in a school.

If you’re serious about spending your life going green and helping ensure a more sustainable world, there’s a good chance that you can find and earn a green scholarship to help set you on the right path. Green scholarships are the first step for many students seeking to get involved in the green movement. Not only will it help them raise their own awareness and the awareness of others on green issues, but it can help them provide them with invaluable experience in planning and running environmental campaigns that will serve them well in their careers.

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