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Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco Scholarship Fund

The Financial Women’s Association Scholarship Fund (FWASF) has been awarding scholarships and awards since it was founded in 1985. Since then, the fund has contributed to the future of women in the finance industry by awarding over $1.8 million in numerous scholarship grants to deserving women studying in the Bay Area who show great promise as future leaders in the finance industry.

Award Information:

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Amount: $5,000 for undergraduate students and $10,000 for graduate students
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Deadline: Varies
GPA: A cumulative GPA of 3.4 or its equivalent
Major: Finance and other related fields

Eligible Students:

– Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to women who will be in their 3rd or 4th year of studies in the Fall semester
– Graduate scholarships are awarded to students who will be enrolled in an accredited graduate program during the upcoming summer semester or thereafter. This includes current graduate students or future students who have been accepted into an accredited graduate business program.

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Additional Requirements:

All recipients must also meet the following criteria in order to apply for this program:

– Must be enrolled during the upcoming summer semester or thereafter at an independent accredited Bay Area college/university
– Follow a course of study to attain a degree and pursue a career in finance or in the financial service industry
– Meet the minimum GPA requirement
– Be enrolled either at:
o The main campus of a Bay Area college or university; or
o If not attending the main campus, be enrolled and attending a school satellite campus located within 1 of the 9 Bay Area counties and taking at least 80% of the classes at the satellite campus.

Application Process:

1. Read the eligibility requirements and find out if you qualify to apply for this program.

2. Assemble the following documents before submitting an application:
a. Current resume: Should summarize your employment history, extracurricular activities and honors or recognitions you received as an undergraduate/graduate student. Your resume should also include special activities (if any), sports, committees, and community activities in which you have participated.
b. Typewritten essay (maximum of 1000 words) addressing the following:
i. The area of business you expect to study and your reason for choosing this field;
ii. How your goals and FWSF goals align, including how the FWSF’s mission of supporting women with careers in finance will help you meet your goals;
iii. How your current business education fits your life and/or career goals; and
iv. Why you believe you deserve to receive this scholarship.
c. Official transcript from your current college/university. Applicants entering their graduate studies must provide their undergraduate transcript(s).
d. A recent photo of yourself
e. Two (2) recommendation letters: One must come from a professor/advisor that’s familiar with your work and the other must be from a current/recent client or employer. These letters must be emailed to [email protected] with your name in the subject line of the email.

3. Access the online application through the FWASF’s official website and complete it.

4. Upload all the documents mentioned above. All documents must be provided in electronic format; and each file must be less than 2MB in size.
5. Submit your application along with the required supporting documents.

Selection Criteria:

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following:

• Leadership skills, both academic and community
• Strong communication skills
• Financial need (given consideration)
• Alignment with Financial Women of San Francisco goals

Selection Process:

All submitted applications will be evaluated by the scholarship committee. All qualifying applicants will be invited to attend a personal interview in April as part of the selection process. The location of the interview will be held at a location convenient to the applicant’s college/university.

After all the interviews are done, all the applicants will be rated. The highest-rated applicants will be invited for a second interview in San Francisco. All finalists are required to attend the second interview in person. The scholarship recipients will be decided after the second interview.

Other Awards:

Aside from the monetary award, scholarship recipients will also:

• Be honored at an FWA luncheon in early June;
• Be invited to the Financial Women of the Year luncheon in September;
• Receive a paid Associate-level FWA membership; and
• Become eligible for FWASF’s mentoring program.

Contact Information:

The Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco (FWASF) Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 26143
San Francisco, CA 94126
Phone: (415) 586-8599
Fax: (415) 586-6606

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