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Finding Scholarships in Ohio: A Guide To Finding & Applying

If you are interested in finding scholarships in Ohio, then you will be happy to know there are excellent opportunities in this state.  Getting a college or any post-secondary education can be quite difficult to manage especially if you are not earning enough money to support your day to day expenses.  However, if you are diligent in getting a degree for yourself in order to help you get a more stable occupation, you can always try getting the aid of an educational scholarship.  They will require some effort to receive, but if you prepare yourself well you may just be the lucky applicant to get it.

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Bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate not always necessary

Getting a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree are not the only available options when it comes to scholarships; there are also those which are aimed at providing technical and vocational courses which will help you get the skills in order to gain a higher position or employment. These are some of the more popular options that you have in Ohio if you are looking for a free educational opportunity.  So if you think that you are not that academically talented or gifted, you don’t have to worry as there are still other less demanding scholarship programs here.

Different institutions offering financial aid

college-graduate-fist-pumpAs you may now know by now, scholarship programs are given by different people and institutions as well as by business and charitable groups which aims to provide financial support for different types or fields of endeavor.  Hence, you can expect that there are varying standards or qualifications which will give you enough options to find where you will most likely fit in.  If your interests lie in technical and vocational courses, then look for those which are particularly designed for such fields.  But this does not mean that there are no scholarships for bachelor’s or doctorate degrees in the state of Ohio. There are plenty of them, in fact.

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Federal student grants

Most searches for grants, loans, scholarships, and work study programs for college should start with the Federal Student Aid website. Grants found here can help lessen the tuition cost and they never need to be repaid. In addition, completing an application is required before one can qualify for many other awards. Another helpful resource to use is the  University System of Ohio’s College Access Information Hotline which provides award opportunities at 1-800-AFFORD-IT (233-6734). There are a variety of financial aid options and resources available for veterans that can be located at the Ohio Higher Ed website. A prime source of need based scholarships in Ohio is found through the Ohio Department of Education.

Other options

There is the Ohio Newspapers Foundation University Journalism Scholarship which is given to senior high school students who have a 2.5 GPA and who wish to major in the field of journalism.  The Lloyd A. Chacey PE Memorial Scholarship is awarded to those who will be taking Professional Engineering as their course in college.  The award costs $2,000 and is renewable after one year. There is also a graduate award which is available through the GRCF Dr. William E. and Norma Sprague Ohio University Scholarship.

If you only wish to pursue an associate’s degree, you can apply to the McColloch-Baker Insurance Agency Scholarship.  Basic requirements are academic performance, financial need, as well as participation in community activities.  If you want to pursue a religious career, then the Ohio Baptist Education Society Scholarship and the Lett Scholarship Fund will be your best options.  They are given to those who would like to become missionaries and ministers of the said religious affiliation.  Technical and vocational scholarships include the Sidney High School Alumni Scholarship and the Robert E. Grubbs Foundation Scholarship which are intended to provide financial assistance to those who will be attending trade school or adult education institutions.

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