Foundation for College Christian Leaders Scholarship


The purpose of the Foundation for College Christian Leadership Scholarship is to assist Christians with identified leadership skills, high academic excellence, and financial need to embark on academic, vocational, and ministry training to further the Kingdom of Christ.

Award Information:

Amount: Varies; Check official website for more details
Number of Scholarship Awards: The number of scholars varies each year depending on the available funds.
Deadline: May 9
Announcement of Scholars: mid-to-late-July
GPA: 3.0
Major: This scholarship program does not require its applicants to pursue a specific degree.
Religious Affiliation: Christian

christian-crossesEligibility Guidelines:

The following are minimum guidelines that must be met by the applicant to be considered for this scholarship:

– Christian testimony and verifiable Christian leadership history.
– Applicants must be planning on entering undergraduate studies or are currently attempting to attain a degree at an accredited 4-year college or university. The Foundation occasionally assists graduate-level students who meet the eligibility criteria.
– Meet the minimum GPA requirement.
– Applicants must demonstrate financial need – combined annual income of the parents and student should be below $75,000. The scholarship committee will also consider other factors such as number of dependent children, family circumstances, the place where the applicant’s family lives, and the tuition structure of the school to be attended. The application process will also require applicants to submit copies of all tax returns within the last two (2) years.
– Applicants must have a permanent residence within the states of California, Oregon, or Washington. Students who are attending schools in any of those states may apply.

Application Process:

– Visit the Foundation for College Chrisian Leader’s official website and download the following documents:
o Application Cover Sheet
o Official Application Form
o Leadership Assessment Form
o Ministry Reference Form
– Fill out all forms and submit them in one envelope to:

Foundation for College Christian Leaders
2658 Del Mar Heights Road, PMB #266
Del Mar, CA 92104

Application Checklist:

The Foundation will only evaluate applications that are complete. The Foundation is not obliged to notify the applicant if his/her application is incomplete. To make sure that you have all the requirements, you’ll need to answer “Yes” to the following questions:

1. Have I answered fully all the questions and enclosed the basic application form?
2. Have I completed and enclosed the Leadership Assessment form?
3. Has my “Ministry Reference” completed the form regarding my Christian leadership and is the form enclosed (must not be sent separately)?
4. Have I enclosed by Christian Testimony?
5. Have I enclosed my one-page essay about where I see myself in ten (10) years?
6. Have I enclosed the official transcript(s) required by Item 12 of the basic application?
7. Have I enclosed the copies of my federal tax returns for the last 2 years?
8. If parents are divorced: Have I enclosed pages 1 and 2 of my step-parents’ federal tax returns for the past two (2) years?
9. If parents/step-parents are in ministry and receive a “Parsonage (or housing) Allowance”: Have I stated the annual amounts of the same for the past two (2) years?

Contact Information:

Foundation for College Christian Leadership
A Non-profit Corporation
2658 Del Mar Heights Road, PMB #266
Del Mar, CA 92104
(858) 481-0848
Email: [email protected]

Note: The Foundation would like to deal with the student-applicants rather than the parents to minimize misunderstandings. Also, having the parents call can also reflect adversely on an applicant’s “leadership” if the Foundation finds out that they are dealing with the parents instead of the student.

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