Greensboro Community Swim Association Annual College Scholarship


The Greensboro Community Swim Association (CSA) manages the Annual College Scholarship Program. The scholarships are awarded based upon the decision of the Scholarship Selection Committee, in accordance with the pre-determined eligibility criteria.

The Community Swim Association is a non-profit organization that comprises of 23 local swim clubs and over 2000 swimmers aged between 5 to 18 years old residing in Greensboro. Aside for its scholarship program, the CSA also encourages and promote competitive summer swimming.

Award Information:

Amount: $500 (Annual scholarship amounts are determined each year by the CSA Board of Directors)
Number of Scholarship Awards: Four (4) for boys and another four (4) for girls
Deadline: June 27; Annually
GPA: A minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher
Major: Check the official website for more details

Eligibility Criteria:

– Must be current CSA swimmers who are in their final year of eligibility with CSA
– Must have been on a CSA team for at least 2 years
– Must be a resident of Guilford County, North Carolina
– Must be accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning
– Applicants related to any of the Scholarship Selection Committee members are not allowed to apply

Application Process:

1. Get a the scholarship application form and complete it by providing the following:
a. Personal Information
b. List of extra-curricular activities
c. Employment History
d. List of post-secondary institutions to which you have been accepted
e. Educational goals
f. Personal goals and future plans

2. On a separate sheet, compose a 500 word essay on “How has your involvement with swimming impacted your life?”

3. Have your SCA Summer Swim Coach fill out and sign the recommendation form.

4. As a teacher, mentor, coach, or minister to sign the other recommendation form included in the application packet.

5. Sign and date the application form; your parent/guardian must also sign and date the form.

6. Submit all application materials to:

CSA Scholarship
c/o West Watson
4318 Windlestraw Lane,
Greensboro, NC 27410

Note: Please don’t forget to place your CSA Scholarship Package Identifier on all of the application form pages. Please do not hand off your application to others to deliver.

Selection Criteria:

The scholarship recipients are selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee based on the following criteria:

1. Personal Qualifications
a. Years of membership in CSA
b. Graduating High School Senior residing in Guilford County, NC
c. GPA on an unweighted scale – 10%
d. Community involvement – 20%
e. Future plans and goals – 20%
f. Essay – 20%

2. CSA Summer Swim Coach recommendation – 20%

3. Teacher/Mentor/Coach/Minister, etc. recommendation – 10%

The Scholarship Selection Committee consists of five members, each of whom is a member of CSA pools. Of the five members, one member will be from the Board of Directors and one member will be from the CSA Executive Committee.

Term of Scholarship:

The scholarship is a single grant, and not a renewable annual scholarship. The award money will be made payable to the recipient’s accredited academic institution which he/she has been accepted.

Contact Information:

CSA Scholarship
Wes Watson
Email: [email protected]

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