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Hispanic Scholarships: A Guide To Applying

Hispanic scholarships are those which are being offered to those who came from Hispanic descent such as those who have parents or grandparents who came from Peru, Argentina, Spain, Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other South American countries.  The aim of such scholarships is to help deserving students acquire a chance of being educated at the top schools and universities in the United States.  They seek to lift the development of their own countries by helping students coming from them with better education and employment opportunities.


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Hispanic ancestry

Hispanic scholarships of course require first and foremost that you should possess Hispanic blood.  Next, you should also be able to show a good academic record and should also possess a good standing in your school.  Although the limit for one’s grades are not as high as those which are set in scholarships given by schools and universities themselves, an applicant must still be able to show that he is deserving of the scholarship that he seeks. Some scholarship programs do not need financial need in order to gain a scholarship as they grant it to anyone who has sufficient academic merit.

US citizenship required

Another requirement into gaining a Hispanic scholarship is to be a legitimate US citizen, a permanent resident, or non-US resident which is eligible for the program.  An example for this, are those who are on political asylums or one who is on a refugee status in the United States.  Those who are on a student or work visa are however disqualified by some scholarship programs due to the temporary nature of their stay.  Most scholarships are also given for those who are applying for college for the first time.  This means that if you have already been to college and have stopped or is pursuing a second college course, you may not be allowed to take advantage of this program. The reason for this is that organizations are trying to accommodate as much students as they can in order to benefit from the scholarship.

Course options

There are also scholarships which are being given for two-year courses for qualified applicants but there may be a condition to pursue or continue the course for a Bachelor’s degree.  There are also no age limits for some Hispanic scholarships so anyone who is able to pass the requirements for the scholarship no matter what age they are may apply for the said benefit.  Part-time students can also get scholarships if they can explain well why they cannot take the course full time.

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Hispanic minorities

Hispanic scholarships are given to one of the minority groups in America which are those who have Hispanic blood or ascendants.  The aim of such scholarships is to improve the education as well the employment opportunity of the said minority group as well as to help uplift the overall condition of their own communities.  Various groups such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund provide the best opportunities for poor and deserving students to get the excellent academic training.  This type of scholarship does not have rules as strict as academic scholarships and can be easily acquired by members of the Hispanic community.

You can find more information about these types of scholarships at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF),  HSF’s Latino College Dollars Directory, the Hispanic College Fund, and the Adelante Fund at

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