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Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards

The Distinguished Artists Awards (DAA) is given to freshmen who are able to show strong academic performance and outstanding creative abilities in art, dance, music, theater, or creative writing. Aside from the $2,500 scholarship award, DAA recipients will also get the opportunity to increase their creative experiences and technical knowledge in their selected field.

Award Information:

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Amount: $2,500 per year
Number of Scholarship Awards: Up to 60 Distinguished Artists Awards are given each year
Deadline: February 13, 2020
Renewable: Yes; up to 4 years
GPA: An overall GPA of 2.6 or higher
Major: Check the official website for more information

Eligibility Criteria:

– Applicants must be able to maintain a 2.6 GPA
– Applicants are expected to enroll in at least one studio art or art history course each semester

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Application Process:

1. Create your portfolio by providing up to 15 high quality 35mm slides or digital images of your best work using any medium. You must burn these images onto a CD – actual works or emails are not accepted. You’ll need to indicate the title of your work, the medium, and your name on the CD.

2. Provide a self-addressed stamped return envelope for the return of your application materials and slides/CD.

3. Fill out the scholarship application form. You may request it from the college or download it from the official website.

4. Provide a colored postcard, stamped, and addressed to you. If you do not receive this postcard in the mail from the DAA; they have not received your portfolio. You’ll have to contact the DAA Coordinator at (616) 395-7500.

If you downloaded the application from the website, please also download the postcard so that the DAA can mail it back to you when they receive your portfolio.

5. Return your completed application and all required materials to:

DAA Coordinator
De Pree Art Center & Gallery
Hope College
P.O. Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000

Or ship to (if you’re using FedEx, etc.):

DAA Coordinator
Dee Pree Art & Gallery
Hope College
275 Columbia Avenue,
Holland, MI 49423

Application Checklist:

A complete DAA application will contain the following materials:
• Completed application form
• Completed portfolio
• Self-addressed stamped postcard
• Self-addressed stamped return envelope

Award Notification:

The recipients for the DAA will be made on March 1st. Recipients will be notified by both the Admissions office and the Art Department after March 1st. Although it is uncommon, a student may receive up to two (2) DAA awards each year.

Renewal Guidelines:

Scholars will continue to receive this scholarship for up to four years as long as they maintain a 2.6 GPA and take at least one art class each semester at Hope College. Scholars must also participate in an annual DAA review in the Art Department and maintain a competitive portfolio. Scholars are encouraged to submit their work in the juried student show on campus each fall.

Contact Information:

Ms. Kristin Underhill
Department of Art & Art History
Hope College
P.O. Box
Holland, MI 49422
Phone: (616) 395-7500
Email: [email protected]

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