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Kiwanis Club of Brea Scholarship Fund

The objective of the Kiwanis Club of Break Scholarship Fund is to partner with different civic-minded, financially needy, mission-focused individuals and help them enable their educational, professional, and/or vocational visions at their choice of schools, apprenticeships, internships, colleges, or universities towards the successful career growth of the individuals of Brea community.

Award Information: (City of Brea Only)

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Amount: $500 to $1,500
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Start of Application Period: January thru May
Deadline: June 1
Selection of Award Recipients: August 15
GPA: Check official website for more information
Major: The scholarship program does not require students to pursue a specific course/major
Eligible Students: students who are residing in the City of Brea at the time the application was sent.

Application Process:

1. Download and complete the application form (
2. Write 400 word essay using 12pt. font, double-spaced, with 1”margin that addresses the following:
a. Your life plans, educational ambitions, and professional goals.
b. What are the different factors should we (the selection committee) consider, such as your economic status, educational challenges, trials and hardships, family situation, etc.?
c. Tell us why you deserve this scholarship more than others?
3. Submit these before the deadline to:

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Kiwanis Club of Brea Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 1372
Brea, CA 92822

Do not submit any resumes, transcripts, letters of recommendations, or any other documents until told to do so. Applicants may submit their applications throughout the entire year; however, only those that make it before the set deadline shall be reviewed for the current year’s awards. Finalists will be selected and invited for an interview on July 1.

Finalists must bring copies of the following to the selection committee interview:

– Proof of residency in the City of Brea at the time of application.
– Social Security Number (SSN) or United States passport (for verification only).
– Proof of application to or acceptance/enrollment at an accredited college, university, or trade/vocational school.
– Certified copy of school transcript(s).
– Names of clubs, organizations, and groups you’re involved with, currently and during the last three (3) years.
– Any awards, recognitions, and/or achievements earned since high school.
– Your annual income, parent’s or spouse’s annual income (if applicable).
– Proof of service in the military; awards received while serving; discharge from the military (DD 214 will do).

A finalist won’t be considered for an award unless all applicable documents and proof was provided at the time of the interview. Please remember to bring only copies since these documents will be kept by the committee.

Disbursement of Award:

The awards will be mailed directly to the student’s school and will be deposited into their student account. The recipients will be notified when the money is deposited. Award recipients are required to provide the following:
– Name and mailing address of the school he/she is attending;
– The name of the person to contact, along with his/her contact information, at the school regarding depositing the money into the recipient’s student account;
– The recipient’s student identification number to insure that the money is properly credited.
The awards are scheduled to be released on September; just a few days after the winners are notified of their application status.

Contact Information:

Kiwanis Club of Brea
P.O. Box 1372
Brea, CA 92822
Phone: (714) 529-0111
Email: [email protected]

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