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MSU Moorhead Talent Scholarships

The Talent Scholarships that are offered at Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) are available to students who are able to demonstrate exceptional talents in the areas of art and design, music, speech, or theater arts.

Award Information:

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Scholarships Offered:

1. Mary Alexander Brumby Endowment Scholarship
2. Department of Art & Design Scholarship
3. John Holland Memorial Art Scholarship
4. Mary Alexander Brumby Endowment Scholarship for Art History
5. Dr. Blanche Schwartz Endowment Scholarship for Art Education
6. Sharon R. Mendola Endowment Scholarship
7. Carol and Hugo Moeckel Endowed Scholarship for Art History, Studio Art, or Art Education
8. Ellen Diederich Art Scholarship
9. David A. Wallace Memorial Art Scholarship
Amount: Varies
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Deadline: February 28th
GPA: Some scholarships require a minimum GPA of 3.0 in art courses
Major: Varies for each scholarship program
Eligibility Students: College undergraduates and graduate students

Application Process:

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1. Go to MSU Moorhead’s official website and download the appropriate Talent Scholarship Application Form.

2. Complete the form and provide the required additional requirements. The Talent Scholarship of the Department of Art & Design will contain all the scholarships offered and the eligibility and application requirements for each one.

3. Create your portfolio and upload your application to the scholarship folders on the designated computer in the Art & Design office.

4. Current freshmen must submit their applications and original works to the Critique Room (CA 168). Applications for upperclassmen must be submitted to the Art & Design Office (CA 161) on the set deadline.

Guidelines for Digital Portfolio:

Portfolios must have at least 10 digital images, and no more than 10 additional views of 3-D works, or detail views of 2-D works.

Applicants should burn their presentation on a CD (note: do not use sticker labels on the CDs). The digital presentation may be an MS PowerPoint, or a single PDF file. Images should be 96ppi, and no more than 800 pixels in the longest dimensions (vertical / horizontal). Digital portfolios should include the following information about each submitted work:

1. Name
2. Title (should be italicized/underlined)
3. The medium
4. Date of Completion
5. Dimension:
a. 3D works: Height x Width x Depth
b. 2D works: Height x Width

Useful Tips:

• Use simple backgrounds such as black, white, or gray in your digital presentation. Let your work speak for itself.
• For 2-D works that are smaller, scan them with a flatbed scanner.
• For 2-D works that are bigger, photograph them hanging on a wall or try placing them flat on the floor. You can use two light sources that are exactly the same and place them at 450¬ angles.
• For 3-D works, use procedures recommended by your teacher or faculty member.
• Please avoid photographing your work on any kind of fabric. Use white matte board/paper instead.
• Consider taking your work to a professional photographer and paying them to properly photography your art for you.

Note: You can see a clear example of how your portfolio images should look like on the scholarship application forms.

Contact Information
MSU Moorhead
1104 7th Avenue South,
Moorhead, MN 56563
Phone: (800) 593-7246

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