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North Carolina Scholarships

You can pay much less for a college education by receiving scholarships in North Carolina to lessen your financial burden. There are plenty of opportunities in this state and you can get them if you conduct your search by using parameters like your location, major, school merit, and financial situation.  Post-secondary education does not come for free and in many instances, a degree at a good college may just be well beyond your financial capacity to reach.  Applying for student loans can be a huge burden once you start paying for them, and you may sometimes fail to qualify for government college grants.  Working to get enough money for college may take a lot of time and energy that will take away from your studies and postpone your degree.

You can find the right scholarships by matching your best qualifications with the offers available. It always helps to do charitable volunteer work, and extracurricular activities as they will help you stand out from the crowd while applying for an award. Many people often miss out on opportunities due to rushing through the application process and not carefully searching for awards they qualify for. Below is a list of the private organization, business, and government scholarships one can find in the state of North Carolina.

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attractive-college-femaleList of Scholarships in North Carolina

American Legion High School Oratorical Contest of North Carolina (Must be a high school/junior high student under age 20)
American Red Cross Bloodstock Scholarship Challenge (Must help the Red Cross receive blood donations)
Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship (Must have a financial need and be a resident of one of several specific counties)
Colon Furr Memorial Nursing Scholarship (For nursing or licensed practical nursing degrees)
Crumley Roberts Next Step Scholarships (Fo community college students planning to transfer to a 4-year college)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship – North Carolina Association of Educators (Merit based award for high school seniors)
Emma Kapp Ogburn Memorial Fund Winston-Salem Foundation (Must reside in Forsyth County and be of the Methodist denomination)
Greensboro Community Swim Association Annual College Scholarship (For community swim association members from Guilford County)
Jagannathan Scholarship (Merit/Need based award for those planning on attending one of the UNC schools)
Korean American Scholarship Foundation – Eastern Regional Chapter (Must be of Korean heritage and show financial need)
Lex Mathews Scholarship for Women (Need-based award for women over 23)
Michael A. DeMayo Scholarship Program (Applicants must reside in a certain NC county)
North Carolina Sheriffs Association Criminal Justice Scholarships (For criminal justice majors)
North Carolina Student Incentive Grant (Financial need based award for all fields of study except theology)
Oliver Joel & Ellen Pell Denny Healthcare Scholarship (Pursuing a degree in nursing, radiography, respiratory therapy, nuclear medicine or other healthcare programs.
Rene Campbell-Ruth McKinney Scholarship – NTA (For students interested in tourism, travel, and hospitality careers)
Serena D. Dalton Scholarship Fund – Winston-Salem Foundation (For need-based residents of Forsyth County, NC)
Stella B. Johnson Scholarship Fund – Winston-Salem Foundation (Need based award for residents of Forsyth County)
Tony Cullen Memorial Scholarship (Must be participating in varsity men’s lacrosse at one of the accepted colleges)
Virginia Elizabeth & Alma Vane Taylor Student Nurse Fund (For need based applicants  enrolled in an associate/baccalaureate nursing degree program)

The requirements that are needed will often vary from one program to another.  This is due to the fact that different types of organizations offer such financial awards to different types of candidates.  The government provides more opportunities for such types of aids and is often the more popular among students and schools.  But there are also other unique types which cater to those who are not often accorded with these programs that seek to help those who would like to study for free.

One of the first steps future college students should take is to apply for federal aid at FAFSA. This will help you locate need-based opportunities based on your  financial circumstances. Next it is a good idea to check for state and federal need-based grants. This is money that is free and does not need to be paid back. The Federal Pell Grant Program is one of the most popular starting points will looking for help with paying for your education. Another need based award is the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Act which is based on family income, and public school enrollment. The Golden LEAF Program has been established to help at least 10,000 students in need. The State Board of Education offers the North Carolina Academic Scholars Award. The NC Education Lottery Award is available to those who meet financial requirements with priority going to Federal Pell Grant recipients. Those who establish financial need and are enrolled in community colleges within the state can apply for the NC Community College Grant Program.

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One of the scholarships that you can get in North Carolina is the Crumley Roberts Crib to College Next-Step North Carolina Scholarship.  This organization provides a $1,000 financial aid as well as a laptop computer to a student who comes from a community college and will be transferring to a university or an accredited college institution within the state.  Those who are interested in hospitality, travel, or tourism courses can apply to the NTA Rene Campbell – Ruth McKinney Scholarship.  Applicants should also have a GPA of 3.0 and should be a resident of the United States. The NC Community Foundation offers 150 awards each year distributed by county and applicant.

The NCAE Martin L. King, Jr. Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school students who have shown exceptional academic performance, personality, and character which is similar to those which had been upheld by Mr. King. The Lex Matthews Scholarships for Women is an opportunity for female members, who are at least 23 years old, of the ECW Diocese to obtain a post-secondary education.  The program provides for vocational, degree, and post-graduate degrees in any course.  There is also the Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships which is awarded to 17 graduating high school students who wish to enroll themselves at four-year courses in specific accredited universities in the state of North Carolina.

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