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Scholarships in Connecticut: A Guide On Where To Find & Application Process

If you wish to cut down on college expenses, you can try looking for scholarships in Connecticut.  The variety of financial grant programs that are available for those who have just finished high school or even to those who are already enrolled in college are vast enough to accommodate your needs.  To be successful you should look for the specific awards which are made available particularly for students of your type/major in order to get the sought after reward.  Although a lot of these opportunities require high academic grades, some also cater to those who have physical or social handicaps which is an advantage to many people.

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Understand requirements before you start looking

Before you proceed on your scholarship hunt, you should first understand that there are different types of awards which in turn, will require different requirements.  There are some which are only for a particular group of people such as those who are considered poor or are members of a racial minority, for students who come from a particular heritage, and to those who have a talent for particular skills.  That said, you should now begin your search according to what your characteristics would cater to best.  This way, you will narrow down your choices and will cut off some of those where you have the least chance of acquiring the grant due to the number of applicants or amount of awards being offered.

Types of organizations offering financial aid

Scholarships in the state of Connecticut are offered by several groups, both governmental and private, where you can have the freedom to select which particular program would best suit your needs.  Pay careful attention to what the specific individual requirements specifically are when you apply so that you do not waste time and have the best chance of success.  You also need to learn about the purpose of the grant so that you will be ready for any inquiry regarding some activities which would be meaningful or would weigh a lot in the standards of the organization giving the award.

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Specific programs available in the area

You can choose from a variety of scholarship programs in Connecticut such as the CCAPA Diana Donald Grant which is given by the American Planning Association, Connecticut Chapter.  You need to have an interest in pursuing a career in planning if you want to apply to this program.  There is also the Live Out Loud Scholarship Program which is given to students who are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender groups.  If your interests lie in journalism, then you can try out the CSPJ Foundation Bob Eddy Scholarship Program.  They award $500-$2,500 to those who are going to attend a journalism course in the state of Connecticut.

For those who would like to pursue a career in horticulture or ornamental horticulture, there is the Rachel Butterworth Dietz which is awarded annually for those who are taking up courses related to such field.  There is also the NEDMA Foundation which awards annual financial grants to students who will be taking up courses in advertising or communications.  If you are a student who is suffering from asthma or other types of allergy, there is the Asthma and Allergy Foundation Scholarship which provides a $250-grant to anyone who can be a good role model for other patients.

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