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Rey Feo Scholarship

The Rey Feo Scholarship Program is intended to help and encourage qualified students in completing and advancing their postsecondary education. This program is directed specifically to San Antonio and Texas Education Service Center Region 20 school district students with career advancement in mind. The $1,500 award money may be used to pay for tuition, academic fees, and required educational materials.

Award Information:

Amount: $1,500
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Deadline: March 31; Annually
GPA: 2.5 for entering freshmen and 3.0 for college students
ACT Score: 23
SAT Score: 970
Major: Check official website for more details

Eligibility Requirements:

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for this scholarship award:

– High school seniors pending graduation or no more than 12 months after graduating.
– Must enroll as a full-time student in a bachelor’s degree program a college/university approved by The Rey Feo Scholarship Review and Selection Committee.
– Entering freshmen must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.5.
– Must be a United States citizen.
– The Rey Feo Scholarship is limited to only one award for each family per year.
– College students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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Application Process:

1. Get a copy of the Application form from the participating institution’s financial aid office or download a copy from the official website.

2. Complete Sections A through N; answer all the questions as best as you can. Do not skip any questions. You may write “Does Not Apply” or explain your omission.

3. Submit an official high school transcript – The transcript must have an authorized signature, stamp, or school seal.

4. Submit proof of acceptance into the college/university you plan to attend in the fall (community colleges are not included).

5. Provide you and/or your parents or guardians’ Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) years.

6. Ask three (3) individuals to write you letters of recommendation and have them send the letters directly to The Rey Feo Scholarship, Inc. You’ll need to include the complete name, contact number, and mailing address for each reference. Your letters should come from a teacher, an employer, and a neighbor or family friend.

7. Review your application and mail it to:

Rey Feo Scholarship, Inc.
11514 Jones Maltsberger Road,
San Antonio, TX 78126-2831

Selection Criteria:

The “Committee of LULAC Council No. 2” will review all submitted applications and will determine the awardees based on the following criteria:

– Potential to pursue a successful career in college;
– Academic excellence, writing ability (especially multi-lingual);
– Participation in community activities, extracurricular activities, and recommendations;
– Effects on the local community if you receive our scholarship;
– How this scholarship award will help you, your family, and your community.

Disbursement of Funds:

The award monies will only be distributed as follows:

• The first half of the award money will be disbursed in the fall of the awarded year to the college or university attended by the awardee.
• The second half will only be released in the spring of the awarded year if:
o After completing the fall semester, the awardees must submit an official transcript of their fall grades, which must show at least a GPA of 3.0
o Awardees must also submit a class schedule verifying their full-time status of at least 12 hours for the following semester.

Contact Information:

Rey Feo Scholarship, Inc
11514 Jones Maltsberger Road
San Antonio, TX 78216-2831
Phone: (210) 403-9001
Fax: (210) 403-9002

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