Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Scholarships

The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (RMCMI) Scholarship Programs provides financial aid to full-time students who have an expressed interest in West coal as a career path. The awards are extended through tuition credit for the recipient’s college or post graduate studies. Some of the scholarships offered by RMCMI may be renewed if the recipient continues to meet the requirements.

Award Information:

Amount: $1,000 to $5,500
Number of Scholarship Awards: 17
Scholarships Offered:
– Engineering- Geology Scholarships (Renewable)
– Technical Scholarships
– Charles W. Margolf Higher Education Scholarship
Deadline: February 1st
GPA: Check official website for more details
Major: Mining-related or engineering field such as mining, geology, mineral processing, metallurgy, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering.

Additional Requirements:

– Must be a United States citizen
– Must be a permanent resident of one of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute member states (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming)
– Must be interested in pursuing a career in Western coal mining
– Engineering-Geology Scholarship applicants must enroll as a full-time college sophomore/junior student
– Technical School Scholarship applicants must be a first-year student at a two-year technical school in good standing at the time of application and must study an applicable trade

Application Process:

1. Get a copy of the Application form by visiting The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute official website.

2. Complete the Application form by providing the required information.

3. Include three (3) references. You’ll need to provide their complete name, address, contact information (home and business numbers), and the number of years you are acquainted.

4. Include a complete list of your work experience. You’ll need to provide the names of your current and past employers, as well as their addresses, contact details, the name of your supervisor, the work you performed, the length of your service, and the reason why you left.

5. Provide an answer to the essay questions for your respective scholarship program.

6. For Engineering- Geology Scholarship Applicants – On a separate sheet of paper, write a 150 words or less autobiography. Please include any academic and athletic honors you received, extracurricular activities you participated, and why you feel you deserve to receive this award.

7. Check your application and any other supporting details before mailing them to:

The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute
3500 S. Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 211
Lakewood, CO 80235

Essay Questions:

For Engineering-Geology Scholarship Applicants:
1. Why are you pursuing your current degree?

2. What do you envision doing after you graduate?

For Technical Scholarship Applicants:

1. If you could choose any job, what would it be and why?

2. Why are you pursuing your current degree?

3. What are your plans after you graduate?

4. Optional – Personal statement (i.e. why you are applying for this award, any special skills or training you received, etc.)

Note: Please limit all your answers to 100 words or less

Award Disbursement:

The monetary value of the award will be sent directly to the college, university, or technical school to be used as tuition credit for the winter. The money will not be sent directly to the award recipient because of Federal mandates.

Contact Information:

The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute
3500 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 211
Lakewood, CO 80235
Phone: (303) 948-3300
Fax: (303) 954-9004
Email: [email protected]

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