San Diego County Scholarship Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association


The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Sand Diego Chapter is proud to award one or more scholarships of up to $2,000 each year to outstanding students majoring in science, mathematics, and engineering curriculums at accredited 4-year colleges and universities in the United States. AFCEA scholarship recipients can renew their award each year for a maximum of $8,000.

Award Information:

Amount: $2,000 per year for a maximum award of $8,000
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Deadline: End of April
• High School Applicants – 3.7 (9-12 Weighted Total GPA)
• College Applicants – A GPA of 3.5 or higher
Major: Check the official website for more details
Eligible Students: Graduating high school seniors and college students

Additional Requirements:

– Must be a United States citizen
– Must be a resident and student within the limits of San Diego County
– Graduating high school or college applicants must already be enrolled in an accredited 4-year degree program
– Second-year students enrolled in a Community College planning to transfer to an accredited 4-year college or university may apply
– Must declare a major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics)
– High school applicants must meet the minimum GPA requirement; have an SAT score of at least 2040; or an ACT score of 31 or higher. SAT and/or ACT scores must be from a single testing date.
– High school GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores are not considered for college applicants.

Application Process:

1. Download and fill out the scholarship application form from this site:

2. Applicants who are not yet enrolled in a 4-year degree-granting university, they must provide a copy of their college/university acceptance letter.

3. Include a copy of your financial aid award letter from your current institution. (University students should provide their most current aid letter. If unavailable, please submit a copy of your 1st year financial aid letter.)

4. High school senior applicants are required to provide a copy of their SAT and/or ACT test score.

5. Include a copy of your most recent academic transcript showing your grades, GPA, and completed course work.

6. Provide two letters of recommendation. These letters can come from teachers, counselors, sports coaches, or a research advisor.

7. List down all the other scholarships or awards you have won.

8. On a separate sheet, compose a one-page personal statement on whatever you think is important. If there is any additional information, including family financial situations that you think would help the scholarship committee choose you for this scholarship award, then please write it. The scholarship committee welcomes any information that would help applicants differentiate themselves from others.

9. Completed application forms and supplemental materials must be submitted to:

Attn: P.R. Kelly
AFCEA Scholarship Program
5675 Ruffin Road, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92123

Application Checklist:

Check if the following items are included in your package before you submit your application:

a. Completed application form
b. Copy of letter of acceptance into a postsecondary institution (if applicable)
c. Copy of financial aid award letter
d. Most recent transcript
e. List of scholarships/awards received
f. Letters of recommendation
g. Personal statement
h. SAT and/or ACT score reports (for high school applicants)

Contact Information:

AFCEA Scholarship Program
5675 Ruffin Road, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 292-1015
Email: [email protected]