Scholarships for International Students

An international scholarship refers to a financial aid award that is granted to a student toward continued education to study abroad.

These scholarships are granted based on different criteria depending on the school. Below are some of the scholarships which are offered to international students.

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

It is intended for students wanting to pursue a PhD or Master’s degree and it as well can be granted to non-degree postgraduate studies. The grant includes airfare, tuition fee, textbooks, health insurance, and living stipend.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

It provides one year of professional enhancement in the U.S. for the professionals who have experiences from designated countries worldwide. The basis to select the one to be granted is the potential to have leadership skills and the commitment to do public service on public or even private sectors.

Arkansas University Scholarships

The international students have the eligibility for 10 scholarship applications which are being offered at the university and these include the General University Scholarships and the Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Amherst College Scholarship

It is a financial aid program that is need-based providing assistance to international students who are financially needy. The financial aid award is granted equal to what the student needs. The award is regarded sometimes as “aid package” because of its inclusions of gift aid which is the scholarship and grants and the self-help which is the employment.

Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships

Merit-based and need-based financial assistance is offered. The increment of merit-based scholarships depends on the academic ability as well as range up to $24,000 annually. The college is not meeting full financial need.

Columbia College Scholarships

It offers approximately 20 awards and scholarships to the outstanding international students. The awards are granted with one-time cash or a reduced tuition fee of 25 to 100 percent.

East Tennessee State University

It offers scholarship to the new international students who seek for a graduate or undergraduate degree. The scholarship is covering fifty percent of the entire tuition and maintenance fees.

East West Center Scholarships

It offers Graduate Degree Fellowship for Doctoral or Master’s studies for the students who are form the United States, the Pacific, and Asia to have participation in both of the research and educational programs at East-West Center while continuing at the University of Hawaii for graduate studies.

The databases of the list of scholarships intended for the international students are listed below.

GrantSearch Australia

It uses customized keyword searches that contain more than 1,400 grants or scholarships in Australia.

International Education Financial Aid

The site has database of 870 scholarships as well as awards for the international students.

It is a big database of over 17,000 scholarships, bursaries, and prizes for the students located in Canada. Included in the grants are private and school-administered awards.

SFU Graduate Awards Database

It is a small database that is compiled by the Simon Fraser University about the Canadian graduate as well as postdoctoral fellowships.

Stod & Stipendier AB (SOS AB)

It is a scholarship and grant search service that is Swedish-based which primarily serves the European students wishing to be studying in abroad. American students who desire to study in the Pacific region or in Europe may also be granted.

It is a free of charge scholarship database that focuses on the Canadian students’ bursaries and scholarships.

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