Violet Richardson Award

Soroptimist is an organization of women whose members are volunteers in their communities. These members often work on the same problems that many organizations do. Although volunteering should be its own reward, the organization feels that its members or volunteers should be recognized for their actions and contributions.

This award was named after the president of the first Soroptimist club, Violet Richardson. This award honors girls who are making a difference in their communities through volunteer service. Each year, Soroptimist clubs all across the United States honor girls who donate their time and energy to a worthy cause that can make the community and the world a better place, such as volunteer efforts in fighting drugs, crime and violence; cleaning the environment; and working to solve poverty and end discrimination.

Who is the Violet Richardson Award Honoree?

She is a young woman who is caring, compassionate, creative, and most of all dedicated to making the community and the world a better place. This young woman has demonstrated her initiative in identifying a problem and doing something to solve it. Through her actions, she has had numerous significant and noteworthy accomplishments as a volunteer.

Award Information:

Amount: $250 plus a chance to win an award from the Soroptimist Sierra Pacific Region and Soroptimist International of the Americas.
Number of Scholarship Awards: Varies
Deadline: December 1; Annually
GPA: This is a volunteer award and does not require a minimum GPA.
Major: This award program does not require its applicants to have a specific major/course.

Eligible Students:

– Women only;
– Are currently between the ages of 14 and 17;
– Have had significant and noteworthy accomplishments as volunteers;
– Soroptmist members, Soroptimist employeers and immediate family members may not apply;
– Previous winners of this award are also ineligible.

Application Process:

1. Complete the PDF application form
2. Write a 750 word essay on the provided topic
3. Submit your application and any supporting materials to the nearest Soroptimist Club
Note: Applications submitted directly to the Soroptimist headquarters will not be considered for this award.


Write a 750 word essay telling us where you volunteer and why. Describe the goal of your organization and the impact it has had on the problem(s) it addresses. Tell us your role in the organization. What have you accomplished as a volunteer?

Additional/Supporting Materials (Optional):
Feel free to submit any supporting materials that you think we should see. These materials could be newspaper clippings, photos, magazines, etc. Please make sure that your name and contact numbers are on all the additional materials.

Award Criteria:

– Inspiration made by the applicant to other girls.
– Applicant’s voluntary actions that have benefited women or girls.
– Demonstration of initiative in identifying a social problem and trying to solve it.
– Applicant’s significant and noteworthy accomplishments as a volunteer.
– Commitment to making the world a better place as evidenced by the amount of time and quality of effort dedicated by the applicant to volunteering.

Contact Information:

Soroptimist International of America
1709 Spruce Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19103-6103
Phone: (215) 893-9000
Fax: (215) 893-5200
General Email: [email protected]

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