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Scholarships in Kentucky: Where To Find & Application Process

Getting a college degree can be much easier through the help of a financial grant or award to help eliminate some of the monetary burden. The information shown here will help you find scholarships in Kentucky.  Many high school students decide to forgo college due to financial constraints not knowing that there are great opportunities for scholarships in their area.  If you are one these students, you do not need to forget all hopes of getting a degree just because you will not be able to afford it.  With enough hard work and research, you may get just get the best scholarships that will suit your need.  So, if you strongly desire a degree you need to start working on it today.

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Excellent opportunities

Receiving a Kentucky college scholarship can provide an excellent opportunity for students to acquire an education.  With this type of award you will not have to worry about how you will pay for all of your tuition and other fees, or to worry about how you will pay them back once you finish your degree.  Scholarships usually demand only a particular criterion for you to fill in order to qualify and obtain the desired award. After that, your job would be to maintain excellent grades in your academics or in whatever course that you would like to pursue. It may well be said, that it is usually those who cannot afford to pay for their college who excel in different areas of study.

Focus on your skills & talents

If you think that you have what it takes in order to gain an award, then what you need to do next is to look for a particular opportunity which will cater to your skills or talents or to a particular advocacy that you may have.  There are plenty of private and government sponsored scholarships which aims to develop different professions or courses so it should not be hard for you to find one. After that, look carefully for the particular characteristics that they are looking for in a scholarship candidate and then see if you can fill those requirements.

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college-graduate-with-degreeExamples in Kentucky

There are plenty of scholarships in Kentucky.  For example, there is the NTA Pat and Kim Host award which is given to deserving students who will be taking up travel and tourism courses in the state.  You can also apply to the Louis Edward Nicklies Scholarship which covers tuition fees, books, and other expenses for students interested in engineering, law, medicine, etc. The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship is administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.  It requires a 2.5 GPA in order to qualify.

You will also find scholarships for different types of courses through the university or college where you wish to enroll yourself. The Eastern Kentucky University offers an additional scholarship for those who qualify for Governor’s Scholarship Programs.  There is also the Pikeville College which offers an Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship.  The Bellarmine University, Berea College, and the Centre College all offer a scholarship for those who qualify for the Governor’s scholarship program.  If you are interested in tourism, you can apply to the ASTA Southeast Chapter Professional Development Scholarship.  All of the said scholarships require a residency in the state of Kentucky and a clearly defined goal to achieve in a particular field. photo attribution: willfolsom

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