Music Scholarships

If you are interested in pursuing a college degree focused around music or performing arts it is vitally important that you find the resources necessary for your success. Not everyone is born gifted with a penchant for music. Given this special ability to create art in the form of singing or playing of musical instruments, it is essential to nourish such talent with proper training and education. However, the milestone to become an artist is faced with both fulfilling challenges and financial burden.

Music majors can find a variety of help when it comes to paying for their college education. Like other struggling arts major, a number of music students also depend on financial loans to pursue a degree in their field of interest. So as not to put hindrance in fulfilling a musician’s dream, there are some schools, companies, and private citizens that are willing to shoulder the finances of aspiring and talented students. Here are some of the music scholarships that any music student should take into consideration.

singer-femaleList of Popular Music Scholarships Currently Available for High School and College Students

Archibald Rutledge Competition – For students from South Carolina
Berrien Fragos Thorn Art Scholarship – for migrant farm-workers and their descendants
Central Florida Jazz Society – Must submit a recording of one to two improvised choruses
Davidson Fellows Scholarship – Must have completed a significant piece of work in category of interest
Distinguished Artists Awards – Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards (Music) – Applicants should have a 10-minute singing or instrumental performance. Two-week notice is required for participants who have arranged accompanists. This scholarship is open for students who want to take up music major. Must attend studio art or art history course each semester at Hope College
F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship – For students from the northeast region of Pennsylvania
Goss-Michel Foundation – For graduating high school seniors from Texas
Heidelberg College Out of State Grant – To apply for the Heidelberg College Music Scholarship one must plan on attending the school. Students who wish to take up a major in music with a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 can submit application and attend the audition before the first of March.
Lighthouse Guild International – Must apply for the Judy Van Nostrand Arts Award
Microsoft Imagine Cup – Competition based award for those pursuing music and sound design
MSU Moorhead Talent Award – For students of Minnesota State University at Moorhead
Music Center’s Spotlight Awards – Must submit an entry and reside in Southern California
Negro Spiritual Scholarship – Must attend school in Florida
Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship – For students from certain areas of Washington state
NJ Singing Awards – List of opportunities for New Jersey residents
Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship – Offered by the Congressional Black Caucus – Applicants must be able to demonstrate a talent in music

Visit this page for more information about performing arts scholarships.

Here are some additional music and performing arts awards:

• Curtis Institute of Music Scholarship – The basis for entering Curtis is mainly focused on the student’s potential and musical talent. Merit is the only basis for acceptance into full-scholarship grants. The deadline for applications is every 17th of December so that the students can be later scheduled for an audition.

• Strings Magazine Scholarship Program – This grant is awarded to students who are currently taking up a major in these two fields: Music Performance of the bowed string instruments or Music Education. Academic merit, financial need and community service are the three criteria for this scholarship.

• School Band & Orchestra Magazine Essay Scholarship – This is a monetary prize awarded to a winning 250-word essay which tackles on the music subject. Eligible participants are grade 4-12 public and private school students.

• The ASCAP Foundation Scholarships – The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Foundation is aimed at securing music students at all levels to have the chance to pursue an education in music. Conservatories, colleges and other institutions process the ASCAP Foundation scholarships.

• John Lennon Scholarships – This grant is awarded to 15 to 24 year old songwriters. This is open to aspirants working in any genre.

• Risloy Foundation Classical Music Grant – This is a scholarship for students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree who wish to pursue an education in classical music.

• Young Singers Foundation – Sophomore year and above students can have this scholarship if they are majoring in vocal music (education, performance, music therapy or pedagogy) in any of the accredited institutions.

• John Philip Sousa Foundation – The foundation conducts a National Young Artists Solo Competition for clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and French horn high school student players. In every category, winners will be awarded with a music education or performance degree scholarship.

• Mario Lanza Institute Scholarship – This is applicable for 21-28 year old singers who have background in the areas of music study or vocals. Application is free of charge.

• Ruth K. Jacobs Memorial Grant – Promising artists who take up music major, with choral church music as their area of concentration, are encouraged to apply in this financial assistance program.

• Presbyterian College Music Scholarships – Presbyterian College provides scholarships to students who are pursuing a minor and major in music or ensembles.

• R.L. Gillette Scholarship – Two women who are taking up an undergraduate course in music or literature are awarded each with $1,000 worth of scholarship. For music scholarship application, the student needs to submit a 30-minute taped performance.

• Northern State University Music Grant – Two factors are assessed for this university scholarship: good academic ratings and brilliant performance. The applicants are also required to submit a completed application form and three reference letters. Every school year, the scholarship may grant as much as $2, 500 for four years. Deadline for application submission is every first of February.

• Kerope Zildjian Award – A $5,000 scholarship is granted to an excellent percussionist who is currently taking up an undergraduate course in music. To add on to the scholarship, the recipient will also have the opportunity to handpick his/her own cymbals in the Zildian factory located in Norwell, Massachusetts.

• Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation Scholarship – In New York City and Cleveland, seniors from different high schools who aim to pursue education related to music or business of music can have the chance to have their studies financially supported by this foundation. The applicant must submit a personal essay as a requirement.

• Indiana State University Carpenter Music Award – Dr. Jack and Virginia Carpenter Bradbury initiated the scholarship grants to provide help to struggling music students in terms of financial assistance. The primary requirements for this scholarship are financial need, high GPA and outstanding performance ability.

• UCA Band-Choral-Orchestra-Piano Scholarships – It is recommended to apply early before the first of May for this scholarship. However, grants depend on the availability of funds.

• Ladies of the Podium Awards – These are four scholarship awards provided by the Women Band Directors International. These scholarships are given to women who are in an undergraduate or graduate level in band music education. Each student will receive a $500 scholarship.

• San Francisco Conservatory of Music Grant – The San Francisco Conservatory of Music provides many opportunities for music students such as scholarships, part-time work and federal and state loans. Most of the Conservatory students, about 92 percent of the population, have their schooling assisted by the Conservatory financial programs.

• Blackwood Music Scholarship – Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who will likely continue studies in instrumental music performance. Applicants should reside and attend audition in Pennsylvania.

• The William Chorale Bacardi Fallon Scholarship Competition – It is open for high school seniors and juniors who will be taking up instrumental or vocal studies. The top four winners will be awarded $8,500 and non-winners will also receive $300. The winners will have the chance to perform with the Williams Chorale as a soloist in the Annual Spring Concert.

• Glen Miller Birthplace Society Scholarship – Musically-inclined high school seniors and first year students who will pursue studies in the field are encouraged to audition in Clarinda, Iowa. The winners will be awarded $4,500 and the top three instrumentalists and top three vocalists will have the opportunity to perform in the Glenn Miller Festival.