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SacLink is an online platform for students and staff at Sacramento State, which is also known as California State University, Sacramento. The platform provides a variety of services and resources, including email, course information, campus news, and access to academic and administrative tools.

SacLink email is the official communication method for the university, and is used to send important information about courses, financial aid, and other university services.

The platform also provides access to course information through the Canvas Learning Management System, where students can access course materials, submit assignments, and communicate with their professors and classmates.

In addition to these academic resources, SacLink also provides access to administrative tools such as My Sac State, which is the student and faculty portal for accessing personal and academic information, as well as other services such as campus events calendars, library resources, and student organization information.

Overall, SacLink is an essential tool for anyone affiliated with Sacramento State, providing access to important information, resources, and services that are integral to academic success and campus life.

mysacstate Features

Below we details oem of the main features of Mysacstate

Student Center

The Student Center is a centralized platform where students can manage various aspects of their academic life. Students can view their class schedules, add or drop classes, check their academic progress and transcripts, and manage financial aid applications and awards.

The Student Center also provides access to important forms, academic advising, and other student support resources.

Faculty Center

The Faculty Center is designed for faculty members to efficiently manage their courses and interact with students. Instructors can access class rosters, input and submit final grades, and access teaching-related resources such as syllabi templates and assessment tools.

Faculty members can also view their teaching schedule and stay informed about important academic deadlines.

Employee Center

The Employee Center is a resource for university staff members to manage their employment information. Staff can access payroll data, view pay stubs, update personal information, and manage benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other employment perks.

The Employee Center also provides links to various human resources policies and procedures.

Email Access

MySacState offers access to university email accounts for all students, faculty, and staff members. The email system is an essential communication tool for sharing information about academic and administrative matters, collaborating on projects, and staying connected with the campus community.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) used by Sacramento State. It serves as a virtual classroom, where instructors can post course materials, create and grade assignments, host online discussions, and manage assessments.

Students can access their course content, submit assignments, participate in discussions, and track their academic progress. Canvas is designed to support both in-person and online learning experiences.

Library Resources

Through MySacState, users can access a wealth of library resources that support research and learning. These resources include electronic databases, online journals, e-books, research guides, and more.

Students and faculty can also access services such as interlibrary loan, research consultations, and citation management tools to enhance their research experience.

Campus Announcements and Events

MySacState provides a centralized location for information about campus news, events, and important deadlines. Users can stay informed about upcoming activities, guest speakers, workshops, and other campus happenings.

Announcements may include registration deadlines, financial aid deadlines, and other time-sensitive information.

Additional Tools and Services

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MySacState offers a variety of other tools and services to support students, faculty, and staff. These resources include campus maps, academic calendars, IT support, software downloads, and more.

By providing access to these resources in a single location, MySacState streamlines the user experience and helps members of the campus community stay organized and informed.

Additional Tools and Services

Other resources such as campus maps, academic calendars, IT support, and more.

Mycsus SacLink Account Login

SacLink is an electronic identity account on the campus system for the mycsus staff members, faculties, and students of California State University in Sacramento state. It gives users access to everything from payrolls to campus profiles and grades right on their fingertips.

Students and instructors can log in through the online portal, using their username and password. Logging into the accounts ensures that both the faculty and students access to their accounts to help them manage and make changes on the accounts.

When you log into you’re personal account, you get access to the options below.

• Access to your university computer
• Log into university computer labs
• Connect to wireless networks in campus
• Search library databases
• Edit and host your web pages
• Access My Sac State account
• A lot more campus application and services

However, before you log into your account, you need to register a new My Sac State account first. The university provides the username and password that you need to get access to your account.

My Sac State Login

You need login credentials before you can access your mcysus My Sac State account. As stated earlier, the university will provide you with this needed information. Once you get the necessary information, you can proceed to follow the instructions below.

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Step 1: Open your browser

On your device, open any browser and type in or visit My Sac State portal.

Step 2: input password and username

Your browser should direct you to the Sacramento state portal where you need to log in. Use your password and user name to gain access.

Understand that your username is simply your email address after removing the for example, if your email address is [email protected], then your username will be brian.

Once you click login, you will be automatically directed to your MySacState account.

Create Account – My Sac State Login

You get the option of registering for a new account should you find difficulties logging into your account. The registration process is instant using your university identification card.

  1. Using your browser, visit the SacLink portal and click on the account management option. You will be directed to a new page.
  2. Enter all the required details, then click on the verify identity option on the page.
  3. You will be asked security questions that you need to answer before entering a password and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  4. Should you forget your password, you can always answer the security questions and change them instantly.
  5. your SacLink email address and password should be displayed on the following screen after your account is successfully created.

Tips on Sacramento State Login

Ensure you create a password that is easy to remember so that you don’t keep on forgetting it. However, you can always go to account management, should you forget your password to reset it. The good news is that your SacLink username is usually displayed on the screen which makes it easy for you to remember.

The authorized users are employees and students which means that you should always safeguard your credentials. Should someone obtain your university credentials, they may access your SacLink account. Ensure that you safeguard your MySacState Login information and keep it confidential.

Should you encounter any difficulties getting access to your account, you can always contact the help desk number provided in the website. All the contact information you need is provided right on the landing page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sac State Online For Fall 2024?

The UC Berkeley administration is making great strides to ensure that all students are able to participate in class. They will be offering various course modes for the Fall 2024 semester, including online and hybrid classes so as not to leave any student behind due their location or schedule conflicts.

The University of California at Berkley’s focus on accessibility has never been clearer than with this new plan they announced last week: a variety of different options depending on your preferred learning style!

For example, if you need an online option because it fits better into your daily life then there’s no problem – from what we’ve seen these courses offer much more flexibility when it comes time for assignments and exams (you can pick which ones you want.)

What Email Client Does Sac State Use?

Microsoft Outlook is Sacramento State’s official tool for email, calendar and contacts. It can be used to organize your work life in a way that not only makes it easier but also more efficient.

How To Withdraw From Sac State

The Semester Withdrawal form is here and it’s time to say goodbye. You will have an opportunity to process your feelings, explain why you are leaving our institution, what the benefits of a semester withdrawal may be for you as well as others who really care about how this affects them.

Summary: To officially withdraw from school one must submit their request on OnBase by accessing the digital form “Semester Withdrawal Form”. This gives students ample time meeting with Student Service Counselors before they leave or even after if needed.

About Sacramento State University

Sacramento State University, officially known as California State University, Sacramento, is a public university located in Sacramento, the capital city of California. It is part of the larger California State University (CSU) system, which is composed of 23 campuses throughout the state.

Founded in 1947 as Sacramento State College, the university has grown significantly over the years and now offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Sacramento State, often referred to as Sac State, is situated on a beautiful 300-acre campus alongside the American River. The university is committed to providing an accessible, high-quality education to its diverse student body.

With more than 31,000 students, Sac State offers a vibrant and inclusive campus environment.

Sac State provides over 60 undergraduate and 40 graduate degree programs across its various colleges, including:

  1. College of Arts and Letters
  2. College of Business Administration
  3. College of Education
  4. College of Engineering and Computer Science
  5. College of Health and Human Services
  6. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  7. College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

In addition to traditional degree programs, the university also offers credential programs, certificate programs, and continuing education opportunities. Sac State is known for its strong commitment to community engagement, sustainability, and research.

The faculty and students actively participate in research initiatives and projects, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Sacramento State’s campus life is diverse and dynamic, offering numerous student clubs, organizations, and recreational facilities. The university also has a strong athletics program, with its teams, known as the Hornets, competing in NCAA Division I sports as part of the Big Sky Conference.

With its comprehensive academic programs, dedicated faculty, and diverse campus community, Sacramento State University continues to play a vital role in the higher education landscape of California and beyond.

Sacramento State University Address

6000 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819, USA

Your Sac link account helps you get access to a lot of essential university services. You must have a functional account at all times.

Now, creating an account and getting access to your My Sac State and Sac Link accounts have been made simple in this article to ensure you always get access. Should you encounter difficulties then ensure you contact your university help desk as soon as possible.