College Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships

Pursuing performing arts can can be a rewarding endeavor that enables one to use their voice, body, or objects to express their artistic ability in front of a live audience. Performing arts degrees can cover a wide variety of artistic disciplines. A degree in this field will prepare one for working as a performer in […]

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Music Scholarships

If you are interested in pursuing a college degree focused around music or performing arts it is vitally important that you find the resources necessary for your success. Not everyone is born gifted with a penchant for music. Given this special ability to create art in the form of singing or playing of musical instruments,

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Scholarships for Foster Youth

Life after foster care can be rough. In most areas, foster youth “age out” or leave the social services system when they turn 18 or graduate from high school.  Few young people are capable of establishing an independent life at the age of 18. In the case of an aged out foster kid, this can

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Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship: 2024 Guide

The Phi Delta Kappa Scholarships are a variety of scholarships provided to prospective members of the fraternal organization Phi Delta Kappa. The Prospective Educator Scholarship program is offered through the Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Educational Foundation. This Foundation awards over 30 different scholarships each year to prospective educators who have a connection to the organization

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Posse Scholarship

In this article I have given some clear advice on the posse scholarship interview process and how to improve your chances of succeeding. The foundation assists schools in identifying and recruiting exceptional groups of students. This scholarship program offers full tuition for four years to its recipients who will be attending one of the Foundation’s

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Eagle Scout Scholarships

Scouting does not only provide you with practical knowledge and experiences that will help you survive in the wilderness, it can also give you the opportunity to finish a college degree through an Eagle Scout scholarship. Yes, you heard it right. After all those years of joining outdoor camps and suffering the inconveniences of being

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Deceased Parent Scholarship

A deceased parent scholarship can be one of the greatest aids that one can receive if one has suffered from losing one or even both parents. Usually, children who are left behind by their parents have to struggle not only with the loss of their parents but of a difficult way of facing their futures

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NAACP Scholarships:

If you are seeking  a financial grant which is given by an organization who is serving noble causes for the betterment of issues related to racial and ethnic disparities , then NAACP scholarships will be one of your best choices.  As we all know, this organization has been instrumental for the enactment of laws related

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