Alaska Scholarships: A Guide To Finding &

If you are thinking about taking your college education in the state of Alaska, you can help cut down on your college expenses by taking up financial grants in Alaska.

By having one or several scholarships to back your financial needs in college, you would be able to go through those four or five years without much hassle.

Aside from that, you will also be able to get the best training and teaching, since most scholars get a lot of perks aside from their free education.  So if you wish to get an easier path to college, make sure that you prepare yourself well before you graduate in high school.

Different scenarios funding can be granted

There are different types of requirements in order to gain a college grant in Alaska. Some scholarships demand academic excellence, others a particular racial heritage, and still there are also those who demand a particular proficiency in some sport or art.

So, you have to choose a program where you can present your best skills as well as your best assets.  Having more than one scholarship is sometimes better since some awards do not cover for the whole expenses that you will encounter in college such as textbooks, room and board, and monthly or yearly stipends.

Organizations offering financial grants

Some of the financial grants that are available to those who are living in Alaska or is interested in learning about the social and environmental aspects of Alaska are the following: the Elmendorf Officers’ Spouses’ Organization Scholarship, which is given to dependents or spouses of military members and officers who are living in Anchorage; the GEAR UP Alaska Scholarship, which is for those who have participated in GEAR UP Programs during their high school years; the Alaska International Education Foundation, which is given for those who are interested in the furtherance of relations between Alaska and other countries; and the Alaska American Legion Western District Scholarship, which is given for high school students who have a distinguished performance in their high school years.

Other options

If you think that you do not qualify to any of the above financial opportunities, you can try looking up these other types of awards.

The Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship is available for any student of an osteopathic school in the United States; the Pride Foundation Scholarships is given to members of the lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual who would like to study in any course in college; the MGMA Western Section Scholarships is given to those who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine; and the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage Scholarship which gives out a one-year grant to anyone who would qualify with the organization’s guidelines.

The American Society of Travel Agents or ASTA is also offering financial grants for those who are interested in a career in travel and tourism. The award is $1,500 and the deadline for submission of applications is during every April 1st.

There is also the University of Alaska Scholars Program which offers up to $11,000 awards for those who will remain studying or doing research in the state of Alaska.