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The Common App: Essay Prompts Guide

  Do you need help making sure you submit your application before the 2018 – 2019 Common App deadline? This guide is your road map –we’ve taken out all the guesswork so you can focus on your common app essay. Applying to all of the colleges on your list has never been easier; this is […]

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Scholarships for Foster Youth

  Life after foster care can be rough. In most areas, foster youth “age out” or leave the social services system when they turn 18 or graduate from high school.  Few young people are capable of establishing an independent life at the age of 18. In the case of an aged out foster kid, this […]

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Tips on How to Get Scholarships

  Scholarships are awards of financial aid for the students in order to continue education. The giving of scholarships is based on a variety of criteria which typically reflect the values as well as the purposes of the founder or donor of the award. Tips for Winning Scholarships Below are some of the helpful tips […]

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Communications Scholarships

  One of the most important needs of today’s fast paced society is the ability to convey and transport information – to communicate. People and organizations are connected to one another through various media – television, radio, newspapers, and internet – and the ability to get messages across through these mediums is important. Becoming a […]

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Scholarships for International Students

  An international scholarship refers to a financial aid award that is granted to a student toward continued education to study abroad. These scholarships are granted based on different criteria depending on the school. Below are some of the scholarships which are offered to international students. Foreign Fulbright Student Program It is intended for students […]

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Free Government Grants

  Grants are regarded as the funds which are not payable. Frequently, the grants are dubbed as “gift aid” because these are free money. Grants are usually need-based and do not include the technical assistance or any other kind of financial assistance like interest rate subsidy, loan or loan guarantee, direct appropriation, or sharing of […]

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How to Get Scholarships for College

  Getting a post-secondary education can be a very expensive undertaking for students today which is why they should start knowing how to get scholarships for college.  Scholarships are one of the best ways to help defer your college education and knowing the ins and outs of college scholarship applications can be one of the […]

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Goss Michael Foundation

  The Goss Michael Foundation was founded in June 2007 by recording artist George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss. The Foundation exists to educate, engage, and inspire audiences of all ages by showing them exhibitions of British Contemporary art, provide vast resources, educational programs, and scholarships to aspiring young artists. The Goss Michael Foundation […]

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Sid W. Richardson Memorial Fund

  The Sid W. Richardson Foundation was established in 1947 by Sid Richardson, himself. Although his interest reached far beyond the borders of Texas and his personal contacts were worldwide, Mr. Richardson was able to retain his utmost concern for the people of his home state – Texas. Because of this reason, he provided in […]

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